Our Telecommunications Partners
Quite a bit of reasearch went into choosing the companies that we do business with. We believe the following list contains the best that the telecommunications industry has to offer.

One of our most trusted competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) for bundled services. US LEC is a telecommunications carrier providing voice, data and Internet services to business customers throughout the southeastern and mid-Atlantic United States. US LEC was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. This year US LEC became the only publicly traded telecom company that is cashflow positive!

FDN Communications
Founded in Orlando, Florida in 1998 by telecom veteran Mike Gallagher, FDN has grown to become a major provider of voice and data services for the business community. Gallagher was determined to provide a stable, cost-effective alternative for local phone service to businesses in the southeastern United States. Incredible pricing, incredible support, and incredible products make FDN one of our premiere recommendations.

CBeyond Communications
Cbeyond Communications is a next-generation communications company focused on serving the small business market. They are setting a new protocol by utilizing next-generation Internet Protocol technology to build one of the world's first 100% IP-based communications networks capable of carrying both voice and data services. Cbeyond was founded in 1999 and is a privately held company headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

BellSouth Communications
Tried and true. We can provide those CLEC weary business' a full array of products from BellSouth in all 9 of their states.

PAETEC Communications was founded in 1998 when CEO Arunas Chesonis and a core team of visionary executives recognized that existing telecommunications providers were failing to respect the most important factor governing the long-term success of any business -first-rate customer service. PAETEC was founded on the principle that extraordinary customer service is the essential prerequisite to financial success.

Another Bell Operating Company for those CLEC weary customers of ours. Verizon's network uses the most fiber optic systems of any other local or long distance company in the U.S. If all of their fiber optic strands in their network were stretched out end to end, the total distance would be about 9.8 million miles, enough to circle the world 352 times.

ACC Business
ACC Business was founded on a simple idea: provide small to mid-sized businesses first-rate telecom services with dedicated customer service, all at a competitive price. ACC Business provides all of its customers' access to the AT&T Network, the largest, most advanced and reliable telecommunications network in the world. The AT&T Worldwide Intelligent Network is constantly enhanced, upgraded and monitored for excellence, so you'll have peace of mind knowing that all of your important calls and data will get through.

Xspedius Communications
Xspedius has an operating footprint in 52 markets spanning 24 states, plus the District of Columbia, as well as more than 3,500 route miles of fiber. And, to top it off, they have gained fiber and conduit inventory in Atlanta, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Fort Lauderdale/Miami/West Palm Beach, Tampa, and Washington, DC/Northern Virginia thanks to our new subsidiary, Xspedius Fiber Group.

SBC Communications
SBC companies currently serve more than 54 million access lines nationwide. Cingular Wireless, of which SBC is a 60 percent owner, serves more than 24 million wireless customers in 36 states and operates in 43 of the top 50 U.S. markets. SBC companies serve business customers inside their 13-state footprint and in 30 additional major metropolitan areas across the country.

ICG Communications
ICG Communications, Inc. is a communications provider with a nationwide data and voice network. As an integrated nationwide and metropolitan fiber optic infrastructure company, ICG provides access and bandwidth to thousands of customers including Internet service providers, interexchange carriers, corporate customers with medium to large-sized businesses, and corporations needing strategic asset protection. Signature products include broadband, dial-up Internet access, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), and voice and Internet Protocol (IP) solutions.

Qwest Communications
Probably the strongest long distance and data products the industry has to offer. With one of the largest, most technologically advanced networks in the world, Qwest is powering the exchange of multimedia content—images, data and voice.

Is the biggest the best? Not always, but these guys are not going out of business anytime soon! Price still seems to be an issue with consumers when dealing with AT&T. Someone has got to pay for all that network reliability.

Sprint Communcations
Another tried and true provider that is in business to stay.

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